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How Clothing Drive Fundraisers Work

We all have clothes that no longer fit or go out of style. Instead of throwing your unwanted clothing and shoes in the trash where they will add to the growing waste in our nation’s landfills, donate to one of our upcoming clothing drives and give your clothes a new life. PlanetDonate will  pick them up, process them and send them on their way to be reused or recycled into new items.


Clothing Drive Fundraiser

PlanetDonate helps groups raise money by collecting unwanted clothing and shoes for reuse and recycling. We provide collection materials, drive strategy and guidance. You hold your event/drive and collect your community’s clothing and shoes. We then pick them up and send you a check based on the weight of your collection. This is the easiest and most profitable fundraiser you can imagine!

If you are interested in school fundraising, a club fundraiser, church fundraiser, athletic fundraiser or non-profit fundraising in the Southwestern U.S., PlanetDonate will help you with your fundraising needs.

Looking for good fundraising ideas? This is the easiest fundraising idea ever!

The EPA estimates each person in the U.S. generates 70 pounds of unwanted clothes and shoes per year. More than 70% of this, or 5% of post consumer waste, ends up in landfills. You will be amazed how much clothing, shoes and textiles are out there to collect and how much money you can raise!

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